Our Service

SGiTPRO offers CCTV that carries high resolutions of HD 1080 Pixels. Be it business or home, everything will be kept crystal clear.  Unlike most CCTV service providers, SGiTPRO maintains our own CCTV technicians who are professionals in installing, maintaining security systems. With just a click on an app, your CCTV video stream will be effortlessly displayed right before you. Giving you 100% control over your household and business.


Most homes and offices today do have existing false ceilings that are great covers for cabling works when doing CCTV systems. Our team of expert professionals are able to help you conceal the cables within the false ceiling during an installation of CCTV systems at no extra charges. In the event whereby there is no false ceiling that we are able to make use of, we will require the option of running casings or PVC trunkings. There are a few methods of which we adhere to when installing such trunkings to ensure neatness and aesthetics.

Our team of competent professionals do have many years of experience in installations for commercial complexes, warehouses and factories. Hence, we develop solutions for running cables over long distances, to ensure that we keep within the budget and quality. 


At SGiTPRO, we are committed in providing the best advice for all our customers. The installation team will always check with you before the installation on how to best lay the cables to achieve the desired outcomes of fulfilling aesthetics and not compromising on functionality.